We repair nearly all Apple devices, both "vintage" and new.


Here are a few of the most common repairs services we offer for devices:


Screen Repair - iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch

    If the glass is cracked, or the display is black or has lines in it, you need a screen replacement.  Most screen repairs usually take around 15 minutes and we can work on them while you wait. iPad screen repairs usually take around two hours. Keep in mind that we do consider matching prices advertised by local competitors.


    Battery Replacement - iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch

      If your iPhone doesn't hold a charge like it used to, you need a battery replacement. Similarly, if your battery percentage indicator jumps around, or your iPhone suddenly dies, you need to have your battery replaced. iPhone battery replacements take just a few minutes.


      Water Damage Repair - iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch

        If your pre-iPhone 7 is exposed to lots of water, bring it into us as soon as possible so that we can remove the moisture before it starts to corrode the circuity. This is much more effective than letting it sit in a bag of rice. While we make no guarantees, we do have success with water damage repairs through ultrasonic cleaning, and the earlier we can remove the moisture, the better your chances.



        Please contact us for more information about all of our repair options including pricing. Pricing is subject to change. If able, please have your Mac's serial number notated so we that can provide you with an accurate quote. Also, feel free to fill out this form for a quick quote.