The Next Big Thing For Apple May 04 2017

According to Apple analyst Steven Milunovich Apple is planning the next best thing for apple. With all the rumors about the iPhone 8 Milunovich said there will be incremental changes like a new screen, longer battery life, better processor, and possibly wireless charging but that isnt the greatest thing he said. He announced that apples next big thing could be augmented reality. Millunvich said the following,

"But perhaps the next big thing is augmented reality, which is initially going to be in the phone and eventually could be separate devices like glasses. We think there basically could be a fight for the body," he said. "For the wrist, ears, eventually in terms of the face for wearables."

Some of the biggest news is that apple already has patents for augmented reality maps and glasses so i guess we can only hope to see this on upcoming apple products. So i guess you can say the future of apple is looking bright.