Out with the Old, in with the New August 17 2016

If your desktop or laptop computer is still running a spinning hard drive, you need to get with the times!

Not only are the new state-of-the-art hard drives so much faster than those yesteryear, they're a lot more affordable than they used to be, have no moving parts, and don't generate heat. Plus, they make your computer lighter.

Ina addition to speed, people want reliability. In the past, the hard drive was the most common computer component to fail. With the introduction of the solid state drive, which uses flash memory (like in your USB thumb drives), the hard drive is now one of the most reliable components, which means a much lower risk of losing your data due to heat or mechanical failure.

Upgrading to a solid state drive is one of (if not THE) best upgrade you can do for your computer. It's also surprisingly affordable.

Let us put a new solid state drive in your computer and experience the difference for yourself. It will feel like a brand new computer. If you have an older computer, it'll be on par with today's models.

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Upgrade Your Computer's Memory Without Breaking the Bank August 16 2016

Most people don't realize how easy and affordable it is to upgrade your computer's memory (RAM). Here at Got Mac, we have many different types of memory in stock for every type of Mac. If we don't have your configuration, we can have it in within two business days. The best thing is you don't even need to leave your computer with us if you don't want to as the installation only takes a few minutes. None of our competitors can come close to our prices on computer memory and we use the most reliable brand memory out there.

If you recently upgraded to a new operating system and you've noticed your computer is running slower than usual, you probably need more memory as newer operating systems tend to demand more system resources. Chances are, depending on the age of your Mac, we can upgrade it to 8 GB, 12 GB, or even 16 GB or 32 GB, which will make a world of difference.

Most memory upgrades we do cost under $100. So, why wait to do one of the best and most affordable upgrades you can do for your computer? Like we said, it takes just minutes!