Sluggish Mac? We Can Help! November 03 2016

Is your Mac more sluggish than unusual? We can help!
Mac slowness can be the result of a lack of system memory (or RAM), especially if you have upgraded your operating system recently (the newer ones use more memory). Let us upgrade your RAM. It's one of the most affordable upgrades you can do for your Mac.
Slowness can also be remedied by replacing older hard drives with new solid state drives that use flash technology (like flash thumb drives). They're significantly faster and yield much better performance. We can do that upgrade, too!
Finally, it's possible that your operating system may be corrupt, or worse, you could have a failing hard drive. If you suspect this, back up your data quick and/or bring it into us!
We're right next to Bowman's (same building as Ace Hardware) in Kaysville. Come in from 10-6, Monday - Friday.