What Does a Tune-Up Include? October 06 2016

One of our most popular services that we offer is a Mac tune-up. Basically, we go through every aspect of your Mac computer and fine-tune it to run at its most efficient. We clean the dust from your system fans, check your hard drive health, and catch any failing hard drives before they've completely failed and you've lost all your data. We repair any inconsistencies in the operating system files, we upgrade your operating system, and install all current security and performance updates. We also optimize all of your settings and install anti-malware software. In other words, we do to your computer what we would do if it were our own. There's a lot that goes into a tune-up, and if it's been more than five years that you've owned your Mac, you're especially due for one. As always, please call with any questions.

Yes, You Can Upgrade Your Mac! August 10 2016

All too often, the team here at Got Mac hears about people who go out and buy a new Mac because they think it can't be upgraded. They couldn't be more wrong. Most of our customers who own iMacs or MacBook Pros, upon finding out we can upgrade their computers to be on par with the speed of new models, will opt for the upgrades.

We also hear about how Apple will discourage people from any sort of upgrades, calling computers that are just a few years old "vintage"models. We don't like that term because it makes a perfectly good computer sound old and outdated, which, unless it's older than 2006, is definitely not! All Apple will have you do is buy the new model, and many people will fall for it.

Here at Got Mac, we sympathize with our customers and we want them to get the most use out of their computers as possible, which is why we do so many upgrades. Sure, we could sell you a new computer like Apple, but we think that's dishonest and in all honesty, betrays customer relations.

So, what upgrades can be done? Aside from a tune-up, which all computers need at some point, we can most likely upgrade your operating system, upgrade your slow hard drive to a state-of-the-art solid state drive, and upgrade your system memory, just to name a few options. All of these things will bring enhanced security, reliability, and performance.

How much is it gonna cost? Honestly, not that much! While Apple charges at least 3-4 times what we charge for these types of upgrades, we keep our costs at a minimum, because we want to give our customers the best deals possible, to keep them coming back! We can usually triple or quadruple the amount of system memory for under $100. We can also upgrade you to a solid state drive, install the latest operating system, and move all of your data over for around $250. That's unheard of! And, in the case that you find someone who will do it for cheaper, we can usually price match.

So, what are you waiting for? Get upgrading and get at least a few more years out of your Mac!