iPhone Screen Repair September 12 2016

We at Got mac have been replacing Apple device screens for years now. We are experts in our field and highly skilled in all Apple repairs. We are also faster than our competition at getting your device back into your hands in record timing. We do all iPhone, iPad, and iPod repairs, and we also price match, so if you find a local business that will do the repair you need at a cheaper rate, please let us know! We strive to constantly be ahead of the competition. We love our customers and will bend over backwards to ensure that your experience with us is a positive one. We look forward to meeting all of our Apple repair and sales needs.

New Apple Products! September 07 2016

Did you watch Apple's Special Keynote this morning? There are a lot of amazing new products coming out by the end of the month, both in the hardware and software realms. We at Got Mac anticipate every new Apple product with bated breath. We love to see how a company we love so much continues to innovate and break the barrier when it comes to new and exciting features. We also recognize that until iPhones come with force fields that will protect them from falling and breaking, we will continue to repair them. With the new iPhone 7 releasing this month, we acknowledge the reality that breaks will still happen. That's why we're ready to continue to fix your new devices as fast as we can, for the best price possible. We wish these devices were impervious to breakage, but you can rest assured knowing that if such misfortune does come your way, we'll be here to save the day.

iPad Screen Repair September 01 2016

Got Mac has been replacing broken iPad screens since 2010, when the first iPad was released. Most customers who come into Got Mac with a broken iPad screen wonder if it can even be repaired. 99% of the time, we certainly can! iPad screen replacements only take a couple of hours and, of course, come with Got Mac's 30-day warranty against defects in the replacement screen. We use the highest quality parts and every iPad goes through rigorous quality control to ensure that all repairs are viable. If you have a broken iPad, bring it to us and let us fix it for you! We do all sorts of repairs, not just screen.