Dust Behind Your iMac Screen September 13 2016

If you have an iMac newer than 2007, it also has a magnetic glass panel that is easy to remove. If you're noticing a lot of dust between the LCD and the glass, bring it into us and we'll clean it up for free! While we're at it, we would also be happy to take a quick look at your Mac and make any recommendations as far as updates and upgrades. If it's been a while since you've made any changes to your Mac, you may want to consider doing that now. Most websites and modern software require new updates. Let us take care of that for you. We know you've got enough to worry about without having to become a computer genius.

iPhone Glass Repair in the Time It Takes You to Eat Lunch August 26 2016

Dropped your iPhone and need it repaired ASAP? You could take it somewhere and wait in line to have your phone fixed, which could take all day, or even multiple days. Or, you could take it to us! In less time that it takes you to eat lunch, we'll have it ready for you, as good as new! We can even install tempered glass to help protect your new pristine glass from breaking again. Every iPhone that comes in automatically becomes a priority, because we know people can't be without their phones. It just isn't feasible in this day and age. That said, we move your iPhone to the front of the line for repair. Now that's good service, wouldn't you say? Why go anywhere else?