Save Money, Buy Used August 05 2016

The wide majority of our customers prefer to buy used Macs over new simply because they want the perks of owning a Mac without paying that harsh full price tag.

The wonderful thing about Macs is that they have a very long lifespan, and they hold their value extremely well. Everybody wants to own a Mac! You don't have to worry about viruses, bloatware, weekly servicing, and the list goes on... While most PCs become obsolete as soon as the next model comes out, Macs don't. Some of our bestselling models are over five years old! Our customers are paying a third of the price of a new model for a computer that meets their needs. Models that are a few years old are still amazing computers.

Most of our customers, with the exception of some professional users, need a computer that's reliable and long-lasting. They want to send and receive emails, surf the web, and type documents. Every computer we sell is guaranteed to do all of those things effortlessly. Plus, most of them run the latest Mac operating system. So, don't overspend for something that will do more than you need. Stick with what works, and with our Lifetime Service Warranty that comes with every computer purchase, we've got you covered.