Buy Local August 18 2016

Got Mac has been a small, family-owned business for over ten years now! The reason we have such a large and loyal customer base is because we are local, personal, and easy to work with.

Nearly all of our customer will agree that coming to us over Apple is so much more convenient and less stressful. Apple will not work on what they consider "vintage" Macs (which is anything older than their current line-up). We still work on Macs made in the '80s! Apple will try to sell you a new Mac instead of fixing something that could be as simple as a new battery. At Got Mac, we pride ourselves on being honest and forthright with our customers.

In addition to those things, you never have to schedule appointments or wait your turn. We're also very fast and very accurate, as we have more experience than most of the kids over at Apple store combined.

Support your local, family-owned business and get fast, accurate service!