Dust Behind Your iMac Screen September 13 2016

If you have an iMac newer than 2007, it also has a magnetic glass panel that is easy to remove. If you're noticing a lot of dust between the LCD and the glass, bring it into us and we'll clean it up for free! While we're at it, we would also be happy to take a quick look at your Mac and make any recommendations as far as updates and upgrades. If it's been a while since you've made any changes to your Mac, you may want to consider doing that now. Most websites and modern software require new updates. Let us take care of that for you. We know you've got enough to worry about without having to become a computer genius.

Got Dust? August 19 2016

If you've had your Mac for several years and have never had the internals cleaned out, chances are there could be a lot of dust in your fans and heatsinks. When dust obstructs  the flow of air, the internal components such as the video card and processor are prone to overheating and failure.

At Got Mac, we dust out every computer we open up! If there's nothing wrong with your computer and you just want to have it cleaned out, we do that, too! We only need your Mac desktop or laptop for about and hour and it will be running clean as a whistle!

This is an important service that most Mac users fail to recognize. Prolong the life of your computer and bring it in to us today.

Dust Kills August 09 2016

Have you ever wondered how much does is inside your computer? Like PCs, Macs can and should be opened up and cleaned out regularly. Inside every computer are fans and duct ways that allow the flow of air. Over time, dust builds up -- sometimes to the point of inhibiting that crucial flow of air. This can lead to overheating a failed components.

The best thing you can do is to bring your computer into us for regular cleaning. You invested a lot of money in your computer, and you need to protect that investment by prolonging the life of your system. You don't need to have it cleaned out every month, but if it's been a few years, now is probably a great time!