We Work on Windows Desktop and Laptop Computers, Too! August 15 2016

In addition to servicing all Apple devices, we also repair a lot of Windows desktop and laptop computers. If you have a computer that is running slow, or one that has a virus on it, we specialize in tune-ups and virus/malware/adware removal across all platforms. We have years of experience in this and we can get it done much faster than the competition (usually same-day or next-day).

If you find yourself with a Windows laptop or desktop computer that is constantly crashing or getting viruses, we highly recommend you consider making your next computer purchase a Mac. Whether you buy it from us, or from someone else, we know you'll be much happier with a Mac. Customers very rarely need them survived, which is a stark contrast from Windows users.

So, let us take care of your computer for you in record time, and if you want, we can even get you into a Mac computer. We'll even move all your data over for free!