Annoying Adware? Don't Stress! September 08 2016

People love that their Macs don't get viruses like their old Windows PCs used to. That's not to say they're impervious to adware. Usually aware comes bundled with software, or can install itself through web or email links. A lot of customers will bring in their Macs assuming they have a virus, when in reality they have just adware. I say just adware because it's not harmful to your computer and doesn't jeopardize your data. It is, however, annoying in that it will often hijack your web browser and send you annoying pop-ups.

If you get a pop-up saying to call a certain phone number to pay hundreds of dollars to have malware removed, don't do it. It's a scam to get your money.

Simply bring your computer to Got Mac, and we can quickly remove it for you. So, don't stress! We also charge our bare minimum for this service.