RAM Upgradeability Returns to 21.5" 4K iMac June 08 2017

"Mac" & "upgrade" haven't been synonymous for quite some time. It appears however that with Apple's implementation of the Kaby Lake generation Intel processors into its Mac lineup, things are about to change. In years past upgrading the RAM in your Mac was a simple & straightforward task that could be completed within an afternoon. For reasons unknown consumers saw the ability to upgrade their Macs phased out & replaced with soldered on components. The last user upgrade-able iMac was released in 2013. The current release of Kaby Lake iMacs is good news to those who like to dig a little deeper into their beloved machines. Apple officially touts these new components as technically "non-user-replaceable" due to the challenge of removing the 4K display, but with the right tools & know-how it isn't by any means impossible.