MacOS Sierra to be released at the end of the year July 27 2016

Apple has always been revolutionary. The original Macintosh defined modern computing, the iPhone modern smartphone technology. It seems however that Apple is about to do it again with the upcoming MacOs Sierra. A public beta is already open for those who would like to buy into it now, and the whole package is going to be a free update for compatible devices when it is fully released to the masses in October or November.

MacOS Sierra Features

There are a ton of new features in the new MacOS, including the usual optimizations and bug fixes, but there are a few notable changes, to make a glorious understatement.

Siri Comes to the Mac

Yup, you heard right. After all this time, apple is finally bringing one of the most iconic AI's to MacOS. By default, Siri will be set to interact solely by text, but she is, of course, still compatible with voice commands. Some of the more useful implications of this is searching for files, not only by name, but also by date edited and viewed.

Tabs Available for All App Developers

It is now possible for Mac app developers to easily implement tabs for running multiple instances of their app. It's similar to how a web browser works, allowing you to open multiple web pages at once, but it is now not only possible, but easy for developers to utilize tabs.

Unlock Your Computer by Walking Up to It

With this latest update, Mac computers will be able to sense your nearby devices, such as your iWatch, iPad and of course, iPhone. You simply walk up to your mac with one of the above devices on you, and poof! Your Mac unlocks with no password entry required. It can also distinguish between devices, so you can't unlock it without your specific device.

Universal Clipboard Brings All Apple Devices Together

The most exciting news to me is the introduction of the universal clipboard. If you don't understand what that means, I don't blame you, so let me explain. You will soon be able to copy something on your iPad, and paste it on your Mac. Think about all the times you have emailed yourself something for lack of a better way of transferring information. No longer will you have to go through that lengthy process.