iPhone To Charge Your Watch March 25 2019

The iPhone coming this fall will of course be able to receive power wirelessly, but it won’t stop there: it’ll also reportedly transmit it. This would allow an Apple Watch to be charged just by placing its on iOS handset. This upcoming device will also reportedly get one of the benefits of USB-C while still holding onto the Lightning connector.

Charging your Apple Watch could become as simple as placing it on your iPhone.

The first iOS devices with Qi inductive charging launched in 2017, but these can only get power this way. The 2019 iPhone will be the first able to transmit it as well, according to a report in macotarka. The Japanese site claims to have received this information from sources in Apple’s component supply chain, as well as the respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. For the full article click here https://www.cultofmac.com/614170/2019-iphone-might-charge-apple-watch-wirelessly/