HDD to SSD August 25 2016

For anyone who has an old Mac or a Mac with a failed hard drive, we always recommend upgrading to a solid state drive.

For one, if you have an old Mac, a solid state drive will make it feel like a newer, faster machine. This is because they use flash technology that allows for much, much faster read and write times. And two, because the older Macs tend to get really hot, and heat is the number one cause of hard drive failure. If we install a solid state drive, we eliminate the potential for overheating because solid state drives to not generate heat. You've probably never dropped your desktop Mac (although some of our customers have), but we're sure you've dropped your Mac laptop at least once. Traditional hard drives are extremely susceptible to mechanical failure in the event of a drop. Solid state drives, on the other hand, have no moving parts and, as a result, are not prone to failure due to shock.

Invest in a solid state drive when you can. They've become so affordable and they're so reliable. They come with amazing warranties and will probably outlive your computer. In this day and age when data is so important (and a lot of people don't have backups *tisk, risk*), it's essential to have a drive you can rely on.